Sisterhood Challenge

Keeping up with CHAOS

How to stay on track


  • Keep a Food Journal

  • Drink 6 Cups of water a day

  • Eat More Greens

  • Cook with fat free broth

  • Eat whole grains

  • Measure everything

  • Use Skim Milk

  • Take your time Eating

  • Use Smaller plates

  • Exercise

  • Eat More Sea Food

  • Use meat as Condiment

  • Eat more Fiber

  • Eat More Vegetarian Meals

  • Eat Healthy Snacks

  • Park in the Back  so you can burn calories  walking to your destination

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Accept the Challenge

Starts: TBA

  1.  Weigh Inn-Submit in Photo of you on the scale                             (We will be doing weigh inns Every week Saturday Morning)

  2. Motivation- Submit in photo of whats motivating you to get fit

  3. Share- Your "Get Fit" Technique in Trubook!

  4. Download- The Step Tracker App

  5. Fun- Remember with your sisters anything is can be fun!

Wake Up. Kick Ass. Sleep. Repeat

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