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Meaning of Sisterhood:

A bond between two or more women, not always related by blood. They always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other like sisters.

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Utah. Connecticut. Texas. Oklahoma. Arkansas. Georgia. Florida. Louisiana. St.Louis, Tennessee, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan

SISTERHOOD MATTERS: Dallas, Tx - April 30 -May 3, 2020

FOUNDERS DAY: Florida - October 8-11, 2020

Changing the perception of sisterhood & exceeding expectation within this inconceivable sorority. We vow to educate, Empower and change the lives of not only the young women in the LGBT community but all women, to be here in your time of need and cheer you on in your time of triumph. Women from all aspects of life walking hand in hand, side by side making history and building a legacy we welcome you.



Legendary Sisterhood Building Bonds For Eternity